IMG_2228.jpg is an international lifestyle and documentary film and photography company, founded and operated by Kyle Jaster. Kyle began his career 12 years ago as a photographer, however, with rising demand, in 2014 he expanded to include video production services.


Kyle studied photography at Sheridan College (Ontario) in 2007/08 and, passionate about using his media to affect change in the world, he went on to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in International Development at St. Stephen’s University (New Brunswick) to better understand the global issues and stories he hoped to one day tell.

After his formal training, Kyle spent 2 years leading a communications school for the University of the Nations (YWAM), with the school’s primary focus being to support the work of international charities through media and marketing services. This was followed by a 3.5 year stint working as Global Creative Lead for Alpha International in London, England. Today, has worked in over 40 countries around the world, documenting the lives and stories of countless individuals and initiatives, with its main client base spread across Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.



when we find ways to honour people and share their stories (or invite them to tell their stories), we do two beautiful things: we encourage those who may well need encouragement, and we inspire others as to what is possible.
— Walter Thiessen

“Kyle’s sense of duty to document the unseen servanthood of people within their local communities, and the responsibility he feels to advocate for vulnerable people who are without a voice is what motivates his work - and it’s truly inspiring.”

“ offers high-end creative services with a unique perspective, which I see as being a result of Kyle’s background, education and his passion for the causes and organizations he works for. For me, that’s what sets apart.”


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